You Are Under Constant Pressure to Find Great Retail Candidates to Hire

That’s why we built a solution to simplify finding and hiring retail workers.


High Volume

There are over 15 million people in the retail sector. Companies need to fill a huge number of positions regularly, not to mention the seasonal “hiring frenzy”.

Short Time-To-Fill

Compared to other industries, retail has the shortest time-to-fill of only 25 days.

High Turnover Rates

Hiring the wrong candidates means more churn and less consistency for retail customers. 70% of retailers had difficulty finding candidates with the appropriate experience.

You need modern recruiting software that makes it easy to accept and filter hundreds of applications without breaking a sweat, and helps you focus on the skills you’re looking for in retail workers.

Product details

Streamline the Process With All-In-One
Recruiting Software

Quickly identify the right candidate from hundreds of applicants for each of your openings, letting HireBeat automate tasks and give you insights and tools to move quickly. You’ll love having one centralized place to manage and track all hiring activities.

Let HireBeat speed up the hiring process and provide a centralized place to manage and track all hiring activities.

  • Aggregate all applicants into one platform.
  • Automate resume screening and parsing.
  • Automatically remove candidates who are not qualified.
  • Broadcast to 200+ job boards with a single click.
  • Create a branded career page with no coding knowledge needed.   

Speed up the Hiring With AI-Powered Resume Screening​

Parse and build a rich candidate profile so you can search and filter your talent pool. Specify required and ideal qualities in your job description, and let our recruiting AI be your assistant to provide a job fit score.

Identify the Right Candidates Using Asynchronous Video Interviewing

Leverage our unique one-way video interview feature to save time and money for screening retail candidates. Simply customize the interview questions when you set up a job opening qualified candidates will be able to record a video response to your questions at their convenience.

You will find their answers in their applications ready for review when it’s convenient for you.Meet the candidate behind the resume and better assess them through their responses before you schedule a call or meeting! 

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