Remote Hiring Can Be Stressful​

We will help you to recruit high-quality candidates efficiently when everything is moved online.


Hard to Source Candidates​

Job distribution and company brand advertising channels are limited.

Slow Process

No more in-person interactions with candidates. Video interviews and online screening are a must.

Inconvenient Collaboration

Hiring team are switching from email to HR portal to messenger without a centralized platform for communication and decision making.


One-Click Candidate Sourcing

HireBeat helps to broadcast your open positions to the most popular job boards with just one click. You also get a free career page with your company branding and your up-to-date job postings to create a better candidate experience.

In addition, you can discover top-quality candidates from HireBeat’s talent network, featuring a detailed digital profile, video bio, and one click to invite candidates to apply.


Efficient One-Way Video Screening

HireBeat’s one-way video interview tool is built right in and makes it easy to quickly screen candidates remotely. You can easily customize questions, candidate response time, and whether you want the response recorded in video or audio.

With HireBeat, you can avoid the headache of scheduling. Simply view the interview record anytime anywhere and leave an evaluation note to share with your team.

Convenient Team Collaboration

No need to chase after your colleagues for interview scheduling or evaluation results – manage and track all team tasks on a centralized platform to have an organized and expedited recruiting process.

Share your opinion with the team to improve transparency and make better hiring decisions.

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