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Who we are and why we built HireBeat


Take Your Hiring to the Next Level

HireBeat is an HR software company providing enterprise SaaS solutions that simplify talent recruiting and assessment with a digital video screening and interviewing. Our platform combines the power of one-way videos, ATS tools, and HR workflows, along with AI-powered analytics and collaboration, to optimize the hiring process while improving the candidate experience.

Our mission is to increase our customer’s success rate by delivering a video-based solution with AI analysis to emerging job seekers and recruiters in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Now screening and interviewing hundreds of candidates in just a few clicks without all the tedious manual steps.

HireBeat is dedicated to the success of our clients from emerging businesses, midsize companies, large enterprises, colleges, and universities. Join the world’s fastest-growing hiring trend with our automated interviewing platform, contact us now!

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Meet the Team

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