Partners and Integration

We partner with the most popular tools and platforms in Recruiting and HR to make your hiring experience simpler and more productive.


Job Advertising

Post and broadcast your jobs across multiple channels and increase your pool of qualified candidates with just one click.

ATS Integration

Maximize synergy and business agility with a quick integration between your current Applicant Tracking System and our recruiting applications.

Integration with ATS

Already on a different ATS but still wants to leverage some cool HireBeat features?

No worries! We integrate with most ATS in the market to make your hiring workflow frictionless.

Here is an example of integrating our One-way video interview feature with your ATS:

  1. Go to your HireBeat dashboard and click on Integration.
  2. Select your current ATS and log into your account.
  3. Choose the job and job stage to import all the candidates you wish to conduct a one-way video interview. Voila! You are all set!

Is My Data Safe?

Yes! Our SOC 2 Type II certified partner handles the data to ensure your data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

PII is protected with an additional layer of application encryption.

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