Hiring Insights
with Real-Time Analytics

HireBeat’s analytics and reporting tools give you full visibility into the
hiring process and help you make better decisions.

Product details

Monitor and Track Your Hiring Process

What’s the status of your current hiring process? Hirebeat’s intuitive pipeline makes it easy to track progress and monitor productivity KPIs. With built in data and reports, you will always know how much you’ve achieved and how much is left to go.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Whether it’s an overview of current job openings and candidate pools, or a detailed breakdown of each hiring stage, our powerful analytics will provide you with visibility into your hiring, and help you make recruiting decisions quickly and optimize resources for future recruitment.

EEOC Reporting and Compliance

No more hustle and bustle to dig and sort out EEO data. HireBeat’s reporting system helps you to generate an EEOC report with just one click. We make sure your applicants’ data is private and confidential.

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