Hire the Best Fit as a Team

No hassle applicant feedback from your colleagues.

Product details

It’s As Easy As:

    1. Assign a hiring manager.
    2. Add reviewers to each stage of the hiring funnel.
    3. See and take action on the feedback in one simple interface.
    4. Get coffee.


No more shared folders of resumes, documents, spreadsheets, and messages in Slack and email that no one can find when they need them. Add unlimited reviewers to each stage of a job, and everyone is prompted to review and provide their feedback right in HireBeat. It couldn’t be easier.


Informed Hiring Decisions, Together

Hear what your team has to say about candidates and decide together whom to move forward with. Each reviewer can rate the candidate’s performance, leave evaluation notes, and provide a thumbs up or down recommendation. More group engagement without the group think.

Speed up Candidate Reviews

No need to switch between email and various systems or chase after teammates for their opinion – HireBeat aggregates all the team evaluation functions into one system. Evaluate candidates, communicate thoughts, and make decisions all in one place with the entire team to save time and effort.

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