Hire Fast with
Talent Sourcing Built In

You spoke up and we listened. Your HireBeat hub now includes the best job candidate sourcing for startups and small businesses who need to hire right and hire fast.

Identify top talent for your specific job opening with our unique candidate sourcing feature. Also known as “Passive sourcing,” job candidate sourcing is often the secret to success when hiring. Our human in the loop process leverages AI and uses your required skills, education, and more to find potential candidates for your open role.

Post a Job

Post a job in your HireBeat hiring hub as usual. Select marketing options as desired to post to ZipRecruiter and hundreds of job sites. Add Programmatic Job Advertising for best results.

Enter Search Criteria

Select the new “Sourcing” button in your job's pipeline screen and identify your ideal candidate profile. What skills do they have? What position do they currently hold?

Review Sourced Candidates!

HireBeat’s candidate sourcing tool is designed to be fast and cost effective. Receive a list of 20-30 potential candidates within one business day. Send messages to candidates that look promising. And that’s all there is to it!

Candidate Sourcing Tool
A new approach to look for talent and send invitations with one click.

Talent Sourcing for Startups

Spending thousands of dollars on recruiters isn’t sustainable. So we built what you’ve been looking for: an affordable, fast, and easy way to get a list of potential candidates. Combined with out Programmatic Job Advertising, you have the tools to attract top talent and make the right hire quickly.

Invite Top Candidates
with One Click

Send a direct invitation to ask qualified candidates to apply for your job. This reduces the time wasted in the back-and-forth communication with sourced candidates or logging into multiple systems.

Hire the Right Talent
Ahead of the Competition

HireBeat is designed to help your startup compete in a fiercely competitive job market. At every step we optimize HireBeat to provide incredibly fast hiring.

  1. Add your open role to your HireBeat Hiring Hub
  2. Source candidates through our one click distribution to job boards, including ZipRecruiter, our incredibly effective Programmatic Job Advertising, and requesting a sourced list of potential candidates.
  3. Add colleagues to your job and let everyone look at resumes, review the results of our AI resume screening, comment on candidate screening videos, manage interviews.
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