Getting 250 Resumes and 88%
of Them Are Unqualified?

You need an AI resume screening software to find the right candidate from the talent pool!

No Duplicates

Video Interview

Efficient & Accurate Screening

AI Evaluation Score

What is Resume Parsing?

Resume parsing refers to the automated scanning, extraction, storage, and analysis of resumes.

By identifying and organizing relevant information, such as job skills, work experience, contact information, and so forth, parsing software can save recruiters countless hours.

52% of talent acquisition leaders say resume screening is the hardest part of recruiting.


Parse Resumes and
Build a 360-Degree Candidate Profile

Every resume that’s uploaded to HireBeat gets parsed and its data populated. We help you to build a rich candidate profile including their personal website, application-specific information, your notes, and evaluation – all in one place. This is more than a static PDF file – you can also use this to filter candidate profiles.

Get to the Point with Custom Application Forms

If you are looking for something specific in your candidates that might not fit into a standard resume, simply add the screening question in our custom application form! Find top talent with the right work experience and skillsets in just a few clicks!

More Than Job
Description Keyword Matching

Many screening software in the market that uses simple keyword marching can easily create false negatives and false positives. Our AI-powered algorithm evaluates the candidate’s overall fit with your company, as well as their ability to succeed in this role based on industrial data.

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