Personality Assessment Tools Employers Must Know About


In the modern era, it is not enough that companies hire people just based on their skills; the potential candidates should also have personalities that match the respective company’s culture and nature of the work. An appropriate assessment of personality test will assist a lot in this case. Nowadays, many companies worldwide utilize personality assessment tools and tests to predict and recognize the right candidate for their job.

Today’s article will share a list of personality tests and some essential information about personality measurements. By going through this article till the end, you will decide which employee is best for your company’s needs.

Personality assessments tools and tests help a lot in providing factual data about an employer; you will get to know their strong and weak points and find out their substantial working area. Utilizing these tools and tests can significantly reduce the chances of miss hire failure. Also, you will be able to determine the future success rate that you can get by hiring that specific person in your company. Overall, a personality assessment test will make it easy to make the best hiring decisions and get a clear-cut idea about the areas in which that specific employee can be a perfect fit.

Now that you know enough benefits about the personality assessment tests, it’s time to learn about multiple assessment tests that you will encounter as an employee or an HR member.


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The caliper profile

When it comes to human-resource-related jobs, this test helps to make hiring decisions easy. For example, an employee tested for 23 different personality attributes in the caliper profile test.

The personality attributes in this test include risk assessment, egotistical drive, aggressiveness, time management, etc. The test score has a percentile range of 1-99. Once the data is collected, the test score is calculated, and the most scoring employee is the best candidate in their behavior and job matching attributes in the specific case.


Predictive index behavioral assessment

This is a time-limited employment personality trait, and it takes about a total of 12 minutes while analyze four different aspects of your employee’s personality. In this test, four elements of an employee’s personality have been analyzed; this test has some restrictions, i.e., time limitation, a total of 12 minutes is utilized to complete this test. The four aspects of this test are:

1. Dominance

2. Patience

3. Extroversion

4. formality

Marketing and sales are the positions this test is accredited for. Therefore, the essential purpose of this test is to make sure that the person in question will be the best fit for a job description that entails public relations or sales and marketing. In addition, the decision-making and response level of the person also get checked in case of this specific test.

recruiting, personality assessment, talent acquisition, employer, job, interview, virtual, New York

DISC assessment

Like the previous test, four different aspects are involved here as well. This test is beneficial when it comes to hiring accounting and analytics professionals. DISC is the abbreviation for dominance, influence, steadfastness, and conscientiousness. In this case, an employee has tested in multiple scenarios like how they will perform in a specific situation and react, act, or think.


Situational judgment test

An employee has tested for his reacting ability to multiple workplace situations in this test. The employee must register their reaction in response to a particular workplace situation. The answers he gave have then evaluated to calculate the overall score. As an employee, you will need interpretational skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and negotiation skills. The best scorer is the ideal candidate for the job.


Final Verdict

Other than competency, every job requires a particular personality profile. It is crucial to note that personality and competency play a significant role in productivity. Personality assessment tests have many benefits like good personalities bringing a positive environment to work, helping in employee retention, and forming a bond transcending the work environment, helping you understand your workforce better.

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