A Guide to Resume Screening for Recruiters

As a business owner or startup founder, you need the right people on your team to grow your company and set it up for long-term success. Finding the best candidates for the job can be time-consuming and stressful, though, especially when you have a giant stack of resumes on your desk or dozens of files […]

What Is Resume Screening and Why Does it Matter

The pandemic has accelerated the demand for top talent among employers. And this led to broader marketing of a job role. But more marketing attracts even more applicants, and it simply means inviting unqualified talent too. The employer has to set up an efficient model to shortlist a few suitable fits out of the total […]

8 Tips to Increase Resume Screening Effectiveness

If we ask you how you will screen the qualified candidates out of the total number of candidates who applied for your ideal role, the first method that will come to mind will be resume screening. Now that you have posted your job description on job posting sites like Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, etc., you must […]

Personality Assessment Tools Employers Must Know About

In the modern era, it is not enough that companies hire people just based on their skills; the potential candidates should also have personalities that match the respective company’s culture and nature of the work. An appropriate assessment of personality test will assist a lot in this case. Nowadays, many companies worldwide utilize personality assessment […]

Job Interview Red Flags You Should Look Out In Candidates

Your company is the result of your absolute hard work. Taking only the right team members on board is crucial to keep it on its glorious path of success. According to Career Builder, hiring the wrong candidate has cost about 74% of the companies the loss of about $14,900 per hire. Choosing a single person […]

Five Questions You Need to Ask to Hire the Best Intern

Hiring an intern can be a challenge because you may not know the right interview questions to ask them. You cannot ask them the same questions you would ask experienced professionals. First, however, you have to assess their interest in your company and if they have the right abilities and can be good fits for […]

Interview Questions Every Recruiter Should Ask

Any recruiter must spend a considerable amount of time and energy preparing their interview questions before beginning a session. With proper preparation, you can always compare one potential hire to the other and make accurate judgments. Here are some of the interview questions every recruiter should ask. What Are Your Salary Expectations? Salary expectation is […]

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