Post a Job on Indeed: Free and Paid Options


The Indeed website is available in over 60 countries. That means over 250 million job seekers are searching for new positions monthly. It is one of the most popular and effective job search platforms on the web, helping countless employers and candidates connect daily. Indeed’s comprehensive search engine offers many benefits to employers. They can enjoy the high visibility rate and various posting options and upgrades.

The process to post the job on Indeed is reasonably painless. The website provides a simple step-by-step tool to ask questions and guide you through creating the job listing. After completing your post, it will help you connect seamlessly with fantastic candidates. Yet, there are best visibility practices you should be aware of to ensure all qualified job seekers find you in their searches. Please continue reading to learn more about posting jobs on Indeed, and you’ll find the perfect candidate for the position.

Post a Job on Indeed for Free

Employers can have access to post job on indeed free that will appear in the general search results free of charge. They will just need to create a Free Employer Account to get started. After posting, the listing will only take a minute or two to go live and be searchable to potential candidates. The dashboard also allows employers to manage the jobs they post and go through the hiring process. The free listings will include:

  • The location of the business
  • The job title for the open position
  • The company name and description of the job opening
  • A list of needed skills and qualifications for the candidate
  • Preferred experience and education of applicants

When the employer posts the job, they will also have the option to include a skill assessment to screen potential new hires. There are also options to upgrade the account that will mean better results and allow more seekers to find the listing in their searches.

Create Your Indeed Job Details

Employers can go to their account any time to post job in Indeed by following the wizard’s guidance as it walks you through the process. After creating your account, head over to the “Post a Job” button and follow the procedure to enter the job description and other details. The wizard will allow you to add details, including:

  • The title of the position
  • The job summary
  • Responsibilities and duties
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Salary and benefits

You can also select to add the assessments to pre-screen candidates and ensure you pick the perfect applicant.

Set Options for Applicants

The Candidate Management tool allows employers to set options for applicants. They can do this quickly in the employer dashboard. The application also assists in simple, nonsense organizing and managing the candidates. It is simple to track the potential new hires in the pipeline. You can also review the performance tracking of job postings on the dashboard.

Indeed’s Candidate Management tool allows employers to set their preferred options. It will store the preferences and keep all the job-seeker information in one easy-to-locate place. Recruiters looking for the perfect candidate can find the top contenders by enabling the indeed apply option. You can also select how often to receive notifications about new applications. The option to add more team members gives them access and easy collaboration.

How to Promote Your Indeed Job Post

Indeed offers employers the option to promote listings as “Sponsored Jobs” and make them appear in the first listings job-seekers see. After a job post job at indeed is up for a few days and other recruiters and employers post similar positions, the older listings will begin to fall lower in the search results. Older posts will start to lose visibility and stop returning as many applications.

Fortunately, employers have the option to boost job visibility on the Indeed search engine. Sponsoring a job listing will significantly improve the chances of the right candidate finding your listing quickly. After promoting the job, you can track and analyze the campaign on the employer dashboard.

Paid Job Posts on Indeed

Employers and recruiters have the option to post Indeed free job posts or pay for the “Sponsored Job” to enjoy a vast range of enhancements such as optimizing visibility and streamlining the search, interview, and hiring processes. Paying for job posts means more extended periods of visibility and more applications. Another benefit is that the employer will only pay for the applications that meet the company’s minimum criteria and hiring guidelines.

Receiving Candidate Applications for Your Indeed Job Posts

After you Indeed post a job, receiving the applications and responses to job posts is a simple process. Employers can access and manage candidate applications within the Employer Dashboard. You can receive and review applications, review recommendations, and schedule interviews. If you sponsor an ad for more visibility, there is a cost per application fee. The price Indeed charges per application vary. The post job on indeed cost will depend on the current job market and other factors, but you will always see the price per application upfront.

Easier than Indeed: Job Posting with HireBeat

Recruiters can save the time and energy they lose handling the applications to focus on hiring by posting jobs with HireBeat. Recruiting for employees is high stress that involves being responsible for a vast range of duties. The HireBeat automated solution takes much of the work employers, and recruiters off their to-do list. They can spend more time focusing on interviews and finding quality candidates.

The HireBeat Hub offers an easy-to-access workstation to streamline the entire hiring process. The ATS or applicant tracking system will allow for simple job-seeker searching. It also improves communication and organization and can reduce the hiring time by as much as 80%. HireBeat provides easy access to various platforms, including Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and more. Recruiters will never need to worry about logging onto Indeed or other job boards and websites again. It also offers straightforward processes for locating, carrying out interviews, and team collaboration. Visit the HireBeat website to begin enjoying the benefits today!


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