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It has been 10 months since we all were accelerated into working remotely, video communications, and adapted to new dynamics in our everyday tasks. What is also being accelerated is how employers conduct and manage interviews.

As an in-house recruiter in a small office, where hiring involves every manager, it was no easy transition when we had to manage an even larger influx of candidates to source, screen, and hire. There had to be a better way. How can I lessen the stress on myself and my managers? What new approach do I have available to promote growth and productivity across our recruitment, while creating or saving more time?


Industry Overview

Jobvite, an applicant tracking and recruiting software service, recently published the 2020 Recruiter Nation Survey report displaying results around trends and industry priorities among recruiters as well as HR professionals. One trend they discussed was methods of interviews, specifically video interviews.

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If “40% [of recruiters] believe that virtual interviews will be the default moving forward” with already “67%..[actively interviewing] via video,” then we need to begin considering how video or virtual interviews could help our teams aside from our everyday Zoom usage.

(Please note this is by no means an advertisement of any product or service, but rather an evaluation of such items.)

When sourcing through articles and networks, I came across a virtual interview platform called Spark Hire allowing an employer to prerecord questions for candidates to respond with videos. The videos do not diminish the majority of work that normally goes into sourcing and screening candidates, rather the focus shifts to helping our team all around to find best candidates and connect with them before their next interview and before their first day of work.

In implementation we saw the videos replace a full day of 10-15 minute phone screens and opened all around more availability for applicants, managers, and recruiters.

hiring, internship, recruitment, interview question, human resources, entry level job

The video interviews cannot replace the effectiveness of in-person interviews, but the system addressed quite a few other items we needed too:

  • Candidates complete video interviews within their own availability, avoiding any scheduling conflicts

  • Candidates are able see and hear from our managers, through videos we provided. (Similar to the picture shown above)

  • Managers can review and take notes on candidates on their own availability

  • Candidates inquire more on the company and ask further questions after the video submission

  • Post video interviews/discussions allow managers to further connect and talk more about the company without feeling rushed

However, the downside of any video interview, as similarly stated in the Jobvite recruiter report are:

hiring, internship, recruitment, interview question, human resources, entry level job

“Poor connectivity is a constant issue. The video platform had the rare technical issue where an applicant claimed they could not access the video interview. However, this was easily resolved by completing a phone screen instead, which still allowed us to communicate the role and ask/answer questions.

Technical issues will definitely be another motto for 2020.

The other mistakes listed are relevant whether using Zoom or another video interface option. A recruiter will value and critique items differently depending on the position. In my industry, we focus more on items such as communication and body language. In these videos, I can see or hear who they are, why they want to work with our company, how well they communicate whether it be in asking questions or talking about their experiences.

Many unpredictable items occur in videos, such as their children, their pets, or even if their camera screens are slightly impeding on the video, for us we do not disqualify them for such items. It gives us something to remember them on and when we speak to them we have another speaking point.

hiring, internship, recruitment, interview question, human resources, entry level job

Another noteworthy takeaway the report also mentions is a recruitment investment (within the next 12 months) being “social media, employee referral programs, and job boards.”

There is definitely a necessity for this investment. For example, when I began using the video interviewing platform, we have seen an increase in our social media activity across all our accounts, the job board company page, and the company website. Applicants have frequently mentioned viewing these pages in their interviews and follow-up interviews as well.

Whether you choose to implement a preset video interview for your candidates or not, there are several options for you and your company to inquire into. These options could give you and your team more availability, as well as, another option to connect to your applicants. Plus, have a plan to revamp your social presence. This can give your candidates a better idea of what your company stands for and get them excited to become a part of your company.

Time is Precious and So Are Good Candidates.

Credit to RoSandra Acosta

Sources: https://theminimalistmillennials.com/how-the-pandemic-sparked-a-new-way-of-interviewing/

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