Programmatic Job Advertising: The Secret Weapon of Growing Startups


Most recruitment is carried out through job postings on various platforms in the hopes of finding the right candidate. Gone are the old ways of playing the game of chance in recruiting new employees. Running a business is a serious job and finding the perfect team member is a serious (and often daunting) task. This is where programmatic recruitment advertising comes in. It may sound like a mouthful, but you likely already know someone practicing it if you are not already doing it yourself.

This article will introduce you to programmatic job advertising: what it is, its benefits, and its impact on the current market competition for talent. You’ll also learn about including this innovative hiring technique in your organization, investigate its performance, and strategize the best way to maximize its use.

Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s start with the basic definition first.

What the heck is programmatic recruitment advertising?

Programmatic recruitment advertising is no different from the current trend of programmatic consumer advertising. But instead of businesses reaching out to their target audience, programmatic job advertising focuses on reaching out to the best talent to take on a company’s vacant role. It allows businesses with job openings to buy a spot in an automated system, place their job posting, set applicant filters and particulars, and ta-dah! The system will automatically sort things out. No more tedious manual encoding of your job description everywhere, no more worries wondering if your job ad has gotten anyone’s eyes. So instead of investing in job postings across the internet and newspaper advertisements, hoping that the perfect hire is reading it somewhere out there, you turn to programmatic.

All’s fair in programmatic recruitment advertising.

Programmatic recruitment advertising and the war for attention

Put yourself in your hiring candidates’ shoes. Now that they are looking for ways to find a job, where do they go? There’s no better place to look for someone who hires than the internet. And how do job seekers browse for jobs? They scroll endlessly through different websites and applications, including job boards and social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. The War for Attention is more visible and more powerful than ever, and every ‘Apply Now’ button is your competitor as job advertisements fight for your candidate’s attention.

How programmatic recruitment advertising helps startups recruit talent

How does programmatic job advertising help small businesses and startups find the talent they need?

  • It makes it possible to recruit using a more structured, targeted approach to finding the best candidate for the vacant position.
  • It offers a faster return on investment (ROI) as each placement is set up in the most appropriate areas and not through manual, labor-intensive means.
  • It uses the power of machine learning and AI to efficiently analyze job posting performance instead of hiring managers wasting time sifting through limited data. It deploys programming (hence the name!) to strategize and alter job advertisements in real-time.
  • It acknowledges the value you put in recruiting, with suitable exposure of placed job ads for every budget and lets you spend more time on other activities.

The benefits of using AI in recruitment

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) means using the technological advancements of automated algorithms available to target the potential candidates your business needs. By using logical placements of your job posting, the potential employee is captured at the right place and time. All without the hassle of spending precious time, effort, and budget to advertise on numerous job boards that will only end in vain.

Additionally, AI recruitment allows you to concentrate on a handful of individuals who meet your criteria, depending on how refined your ad is, and keeps the quality of candidates at par with what your company demands.

Expanding your reach

With the use of programmatic recruitment advertising, you will be able to expand your horizon and put your job advertisement in non-traditional places to locate the employee you want. While some positions are easily filled, it’s more difficult to find the right person for a specialized role. Utilizing programmatic recruitment software, you can even be sure that your job ad will be optimized to search high and low across the internet for the lookout for your best candidate.

Saving money

Have you heard of the spray and pray approach to advertising? It’s when you decide to blindly put paid adverts on a platform or media and wait for your prospective candidate to see them. You might spend your entire recruitment budget upfront, and qualified candidates may never see your posts. Programmatic job advertisements eliminate the need to use the spray and pray approach, reducing hiring costs, and aiding businesses in assuring their job postings are seen at the right place and time by the right individual.

Strengthening your employer brand

Having an efficient recruitment method represents you as a recruiter and gives your potential candidates an introduction to the company culture. It mirrors your organization’s competence, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness by engaging in the most innovative way of recruiting new employees.

Programmatic recruitment advertising can be presented in multiple arrangements. This means you are not limited to only one template for several job openings. It means that every job placed is an avenue to showcase your company’s services, accomplishments, principal values, customer reviews, and employee experiences. You are already engaging with future hires and expressing how you are taking care of them.

Retargeting potential applicants

Let’s say you’ve already got your potential employee to click the ‘apply now’ button. Unfortunately, the applicant might leave forms unfinished, or forget to click the submit button. That does not necessarily mean your job ad has failed. With programmatic recruitment advertising, your job posting will still be seen by the applicant long after they hit the close button on your website. Some applicant tracking software even features cross-device retargeting, allowing desktop users to see relevant ads on their mobile after their first click. This means that the system continually re-engages the job seeker to complete the form and apply. These consistent reminders help you to avoid losing a potential candidate.

Integrations with applicant tracking software and the HireBeat hiring hub

To provide a seamless programmatic recruiting advertisement experience, employers can also integrate this with top-of-the-line applicant tracking software. This allows for easier monitoring of candidates’ applications, from gathering personal data to categorizing their skills and experiences, filtering applicants, and sorting other details.

You don’t have to go through hundreds of applications collected from job advertising in programmatic. All you need is HireBeat.

From hiring to the recruitment process, HireBeat provides a smooth-sailing way to manage applicants and job postings on one reliable platform. HireBeat also allows you to work with your recruiting team and evaluate candidate profiles together with the hiring manager through centralized candidate management. AI-powered features like resume evaluation and applicant screening give you more time to do other responsibilities. You can post your job ad to over 200 sites with just one click by broadcasting an open position. Oh, and since you’re reading this post you’ll be happy to know HireBeat has programmatic job advertising built right in!

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