How ATS works in the Recruitment Process


In today’s digital and information age, it is not surprising that digital applicant tracking systems have become extremely common in today’s world. These online tracking systems vary in their degree of complexity considerably. Still, the majority of them have proven efficient enough that most businesses across the globe have chosen to retain them. If you are a business owner yourself, you will want to understand precisely an ATS and how you can use them.

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What is ATS and How do They Work?

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is software that provides a facility for recruiting and hiring individuals for companies and businesses. These applications perform several functions that range from collecting and analyzing thousands of resumes to deciding which candidates should be selected by a company and storing information about potential candidates to new positions in the company. ATS systems have been around for a reasonable period, and they are instrumental in that they streamline the entire recruitment and hiring process for businesses. Most of the time, whether or not a human recruiter even views a candidate’s application is mainly dependent on their compatibility with their ATS.

When a company creates a job, job seekers begin to apply to the job using online job boards. The ATS system then begins to screen individual candidates for their eligibility. The ATS will separate the most desirable candidates from the least desirable. Once the desired candidates have been selected, they will be requested to appear for interviews, at which stage human recruiters will then determine who shall be hired by the company. Essentially, the ATS system’s role is that it allows a company to easily screen large numbers of candidates and select the most appropriate candidates.


What are the Benefits of ATS?

The benefits of an ATS system are that it dramatically streamlines, simplifies, and automates the overall recruitment process for an agency by providing them with a means to screen through large numbers of candidates. ATS systems make it possible for agencies to acquire vastly larger numbers of candidates for new positions and they help companies with narrowing down the expected talent pool to smaller numbers of desirable candidates. Without ATS systems, companies would be forced to sift through hundreds of resumes by themselves instead, which is a long and detailed process.


How can a Business Leverage an ATS?

Businesses can use ATS primarily by using them to automate and improve their recruitment process. By employing an ATS with effective criteria and a functional algorithm, a company gains access to many potential candidates. It quickly determines which of those candidates is desirable for the positions open in the company. Once your business has posted a job online, you can then use your ATS system to analyze all of the applications that you receive. Your ATS will remove all of those completely inappropriate applications for your job post and will alert you to those that are the most relevant. You can then go through those applications that have been judged to have been the most pertinent to shortlist further or select a candidate for the position.


Final Words

ATS is a robust tool that helps small businesses, so does HireBeat. HireBeat is an HR platform that provides a video interview tool to your company and saves time.

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