Campus Recruiting is Very Competitive and Overwhelming

You don’t have to drown in stacks of resumes and email follow-ups. Just leave them to our automated system so you can focus on the essential part – young talents. 

Your Pain points

Not all applicants are qualified

Time-consuming to find candidates with Cultural fit

Lack of diversity hire tracking

Wasting time tracking candidates from multiple sources

Employer branding is constrained

Hard to manage a Talent Pool

We can help you maximize your ROI and optimize your campus recruiting process.

Here is how we can help

Resume Evaluation

Our resume screening system can be the gatekeeper that helps recruiters to review resumes after the initial screening steps for minimum requirements – no more time wasted on the 90% unmatching ones.

With AI-powered evaluation, our system will also provide you with an overall job fit score to facilitate and expedite your decision-making.

All-In-One ATS

Streamline the entire recruitment process in one centralized platform, and enjoy more control and visibility of the whole pipeline.

Our all-in-one ATS enables you to source diverse talents, post and broadcast positions, screen and track applicants, manage the talent pool, and many more. You can also track and monitor the KPIs with analytics reporting.

Diversity Hire and Reporting

Collect and track your diversity data throughout the hiring process with our diversity hiring feature.

From the EEO statement to the diversity survey, show the candidates that you care about equal opportunity not only in the hiring process but also in the workspace.

One-Way Interview Screening

One-way Video Interview allows you to meet the candidates behind the screen but cut the time cost by 10 fold.

Get more insights about the candidate through their behavioral language and get a better sense of whether they will fit into your organization’s culture.

Talent Management

A centralized talent management platform will include everything you need to stay proactive and on track for every requisition. Save time and cost by utilizing the internal referral system and reactivating your past candidates.

Search in our talent pool based on desired criteria to find your ideal candidates. Organize all your candidate-related information in one place so that sourcing and candidate management is never a headache.

Company Branding

Fill in a few basic information and voila – your company branding page is ready to go! No need to manage a separate career portal on your own.

We have all your active job postings and company profile in one place, saving time both for you and your candidates.

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