Boost Up Your ROI Using Video Interviews


We have come to that time of the financial year where we ought to look at what we have achieved. When recruiting new talent, we need to look at what we get in return. It is known as our Return on Investment (ROI).

To increase our returns, we can leverage new recruitment technology to ensure that we get the most out of our limited resources. One incredible innovation is video interviews. Through video interviews, employers can assess a candidate’s soft skills and qualifications during hiring. While video interviews are not the final decision-makers, they play a significant role in determining whether a candidate possesses the relevant skills for a specific job.


Decreasing interview time with

Video interviews, less time is used up. In addition, thanks to new technology, interviewers don’t need to go through repetitive physical interviews. It saves time, an essential and limited resource.

When you eliminate the need to plan and manage physical meetings, you can complete the process of interviewing candidates faster than before. In addition, the candidates get to be interviewed at their convenience. Professionals tasked with hiring no longer need to dedicate a massive chunk of their time to conducting traditional interviews that are pretty repetitive.


Video interviews cut back on administrative costs.

Video interviews possess the power to standardize, automate and simplify the recruitment process. As a result, the cost-per-hire is reduced significantly. An increase in productivity is experienced in all the organization departments because the workload on HR personnel and other stakeholders is reduced. With in-person interviews, the organization is likely to spend some funds setting up conducive assessment centers. Video interviews help avoid these expenses.


Increased rates of conversion

To realize a higher ROI, the recruitment process needs to be efficient. For example, video interviews reduce the time required to review one candidate. Therefore, it implies that finding high-quality applicants takes less time.

And every organization wants to find the right fit on their first try. With video interviews, high-volume campaigns geared at finding more talent can be conducted efficiently.


Less time to hire

When you spend less time hiring new talent, you give your business an edge over your competitors. It has significant benefits for any business. Since most organizations operate in labor marketplaces that have high competition, the need to get the recruitment process done as quickly as possible is critical.

You want to spend minimal time getting new talent to join your workforce. If you spend more time, the essential activities in your business are likely to get disrupted or take a hit. All in all, new talent needs to find your organization running optimally.



This article helps you know better how video interviews could help your business from four perspectives. First, HireBeat is an HR software company that provides you with a video interview platform and simplifies your recruiting.

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