8 Ways to Automate Recruiting Processes


Have you ever questioned how to automate your company’s hiring process? Today, most recruitment is still accomplished using traditional methods such as posting job advertisements on job boards, hiring people we know personally, and hiring based on recommendations or ideal candidates. While these methods can produce good results and help businesses find suitable candidates, they can be chaotic, challenging to manage, and lead us to some candidates who turn out not to be a good fit.

Over the past decades, the way recruiters find suitable candidates has changed dramatically. Job portals have automated much of the job posting process employers use to find applicants. Fortunately, the same technology helps automate the hiring process, allowing you to invest your time in other business tasks.


Why Recruitment Automation is Important

Recruitment automation is an efficient and effective way to target high-value candidates. Significant benefits can be achieved when recruiting meets automation. Here are some of them.

Source Quality Candidates: Recruitment automation allows employers to source quality talent quickly. In addition, it will enable you to store the data of candidates that weren’t a good match then but can be a good fit for future roles.

Applicant Tracking: With the help of automation, employers can easily track all the applicants. Since many automated tools offer scheduling modules, the shortlisted candidates will be automatically informed regarding their status.

Automates Interviews: Indeed, managing video interviews with a dozen candidates can exhaust recruiters. Not even this, a technical glitch at the recruiter’s end can ruin all scheduled discussions of the day. By using automated one-way interviews, the above challenge can be eliminated.


Ways to Automate Recruiting Process: 

Ways to Automate Recruiting Processes

Pre-screen Applicants

AI-based automation can reduce the duration of a candidate’s screening. For example, a job offer can attract hundreds of responses, but most will be completely unrelated to the request. So instead, the AI can look for particular keywords in the resume and determine whether the applicant has the relevant experience and skills to handle the position. In the end, the HR manager ends up with a pre-selected collection of the most relevant profiles.

Additionally, AI can send a personal reply to the candidate regarding their status, either rejected or approved. It can also grade candidates based on predefined parameters.


Maximize the Job Postings

Instead of advertising your new position on your website only, leverage other job boards or job posting sites too. The more people see your job posting, the more qualified candidates you consider for the role. In addition, when you automate job posting and other recruitment stages with a tool like Hirebeat, you can view job applications and track the status of applicants during different phases of recruitment.


Utilize job posting manager

Even though leveraging the job portal algorithm is an excellent way to market your vacant position, social media channels can boost the process to an even greater extent. You can use social media management tools to automate your job posting on all social media channels in one go.

Ways to Automate Recruiting Processes

Simplify your Scheduling

Using interview scheduling software allows candidates to schedule and reschedule the interviews under available time slots. It eliminates a lot of back and forth communication and manual handling at the recruiter’s end.


Automate resume screening

Instead of manually checking multiple resumes, you can automate the entire resume screening process with the help of automation. The system will analyze the resumes as per the predefined keywords and group them into different categories. It allows you to pull the right pool of candidates when it’s time to fill an opening.

You can improve the quality of your candidate hiring by screening for specific characteristics, such as time spent in a previous job and required skills.


Keep a pipeline of the right talent.

One mistake some hiring managers make is thinking in the short term. They collect applications, select the best candidate, then bounce the stack. But using contact management software, your recruitment cycle can become efficient.

Contact management software allows you to build a database of qualified candidates you couldn’t hire for the position earlier but were a good fit for future roles.


Leverage yourself with Employer Branding

With the expansion of the job market, finding the right candidate for your role becomes even more challenging. The best way to capture the attention of these talented professionals is to promote your company as an employer of their choice.

While building an employer brand doesn’t involve heavy automation, but it is an excellent strategy to create a passive recruiting stream.


Utilize mobile recruiting apps

By leveraging mobile recruiting apps, you can recruit top talent from anywhere. Easily capture candidate resumes/data, access real-time candidate information, and monitor interview scheduling, whether online or offline. With mobile apps, you can proceed through the interview process faster than your competitors, knowing that you have captured all relevant candidates well.



The recruitment industry has drastically automated the recruitment cycle over the years. As a result, automation in recruitment can increase global productivity by up to 1.4%, predicting McKinsey’s study. But there is still much more to achieve. Once the full potential of automation is realized, recruiters will have more time to ensure a better candidate onboarding.

You can save your time and cost through an automated recruiting process offered by Hirebeat to manage job postings and candidates all in one platform.

Advertise your job posting to several job platforms in just one click.

  • Hirebeat allows you to screen resumes efficiently, analyzes automated video interviews while grading the candidates with the help of AI.
  • Hirebeat also has a talent pool of qualified candidates as it also offers tips to job seekers to win the interviews.

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