5 Things You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking System


Suppose we look back to old times when computers were not popular or slowly became more common in offices, schools, and homes; life was a lot different. Then, quite often, it would take longer to get some tasks done, which we can do in a matter of minutes now.

Let’s take the example of the hiring process that companies used previously. In the past, hiring new employees took an incredible amount of time and effort. By the time the hiring team could finalize someone, there was always this possibility that other companies might already have hired them.


Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The introduction of the Applicant Tracking System has made life easier for recruiters as they no longer have to suffer from the arduous process of going through countless resumes and deciding who is a suitable candidate for the job.

You may be wondering what features the ATS provides you with and why you should use it. Here are some great features that you will miss if you do not use the ATS to help campus recruitments.

1. Faster and Efficient Screening of Candidates

With ATS, you no longer have to worry about reviewing tons of CVs to find the perfect person for the position. Instead, you can put your requirements in the system, and it will choose the most suitable individual amongst the pool of applications.


2. Time-Saving

As mentioned previously, the ATS can help recruiters shortlist the best candidates and save time. In addition, it helps to turn that time saved into productivity and allows employees to create better hiring strategies.


3. Speeds Up the Recruitment Process

With the ATS, hiring managers can speed up the recruitment process by easy and efficient job postings on multiple platforms, collecting the candidate’s data down to select the best person for the job.


4. Makes the Brand Appealing

People applying for jobs usually appreciate it when companies get back to them in a reasonable amount of time. It makes it convenient and appealing. Using the ATS also comes with such advantages to excel in the competitive market – your recruitment process is much more efficient and faster.


5. Improves the Quality of Hiring

You can get the most suitable candidates to hire without compromising quality with the ATS system. You can add your requirements in the ATS system, wait till it scans all the data, and then picks out the best possible individuals who can then be interviewed and hired.



ATS system will help your company be more efficient with the recruitment process and ensure that you can skip going through numerous applications, leaving a chance of error, i.e., choosing the wrong person or a less competent person for the job.

The ATS system will also reduce business costs as the company no longer has to form a whole recruitment team, but 2 to 3 people can carry out the entire process and save time and money.

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