Writing a Good Job Posting that Will Attract Employees


Hiring is a careful process. Hiring the wrong candidate would cost the company a lot of resources such as time and money and reduce the overall efficiency of the company’s day-to-day operations. The working relationship often gets toxic, and the company has to make a hard decision parting way. Regardless of the level of experience and top qualifications, someone may not be an excellent fit for your company’s job posting.

But you can avoid the hectic process from the onset. It’s possible to write high-quality job descriptions that are most likely to attract perfect candidates.

We’ve provided great tips in this blog post to help you develop job descriptions that attract top talent.


Why is it so important to write a job description?

Creating a thorough job description enables employers to showcase the accurate details about the job and the positions available, reducing the chances of hiring the wrong candidate.

Writing a good job posting that attracts the suitable candidates

It’s imperative to write a good job posting because company cultures and working environments are growing. Therefore, providing adequate information about the job posting and company culture will attract top talent.

Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Provide adequate information but keep it concise: keep the job descriptions between 700-2000 words while ensuring it’s catchy and showcase the day-to-day working life in your company.
  • Seek input from the employee department: These individuals know the job better. You can ask them the kind of qualities they’d need in a coworker to include in the job description.
  • Include the job posting salary: Providing a salary range enables you to find candidates willing to learn and grow with your company.
  • Ask candidates to provide unique cover letters: Some of the cover letter’s information might not be in the resume. You’ll be able to know their unique qualities and what they expect in a workplace.


Examples for inspiration

  1. Bad example

Customer Service Representative

  • Receiving calls
  • Greeting customers
  • Assisting the manager as much as possible
  • Compensation upon interview

Using too general a description and a vague tone in the job description will limit the information you need to provide, such as qualifications required and whether you’ll compensate them or not.

  1. Good Example

This is what you should do:

Join our Call Centre Office as a Customer Service Representative

We’re a dynamic Tele-Communications Company in Washington, looking for motivated individuals to join our adept team. Our top priority is customer service satisfaction and individuals who can showcase top teamwork coordination skills.

Job duties:

  • Making calls to set appointments and checking the company’s emails constantly.
  • Greeting customers when they arrive and offering the help they need.
  • Coordinating with other employees by phone.
  • Responding to customers’ queries accordingly.
  • Compensation is set at 15$ per hour but can be improved depending on experience level.

This example informs the candidate that it’s a busy workplace, and they will need to work with other employees to handle things effectively. Besides, it’s easy for them to decide whether the salary is right for them or not.



The above tips and examples should help you create a thorough job description to attract the right employees. Moreover, HireBeat provides the candidate’s resume to job-position match; the hiring manager can receive exact keywords on candidates’ resume that matches the job description posted so that the hiring manager can better judge candidates’ qualifications even faster than before.

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