How to Write A Termination Letter Right?


Termination Letter is a crucial document that every employee prays to stay safe. However, employers tend to hand it over when the need arises and fire the person immediately. Therefore, it is crucial to write a proper termination letter that positively impacts the fired employee and wishes them well for the future to avoid creating an adverse impact.

In this article, we will be discussing how to write a termination letter right.

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What is a Termination Letter?

A termination letter is a formal written document that indicates the dismissal of an employee from their current position. It can be called a ‘Contract Termination Letter,’ ‘Letter of Separation,’ or ‘A notice of termination of employment. The letter mentions the details of the termination, the reason for dismissal, and other procedures that the employee can undergo before he leaves.


How to write a termination letter right?

A termination letter has to be proper for it to look professional. Following are the pointers that will help employers or HR draft the proper termination letter.


Add necessary Employee Information:

It is essential not to leave out employee details in this legal document. Employers must add the employee’s name, company’s name, and the manager they were working with. It is optional to add Employee ID, the position, and the department.


Add the date of termination:

It is practical to eliminate the possibility of confusion by adding the termination date in the letter. It prepares the employee for the day, and he wraps up all his work by that date.


Provide a Reason:

Providing a factual explanation for termination that is clear and to the point can help avoid the emotional setback of the employee. It is better to choose words that avoid confusion and misinterpretations at the employee’s end. It is always better to support the reason for dismissal with proof leading to eventual release. In any scenario, it is better to fire an employee on a good note to progress further in his career without setbacks.


Receipt of Company Property:

If HR provided the employee with company property like a car, tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or even keys for the front door, then they can claim it back if they want to. Add confirmation to the receipts of the listed items in the letter, so proof of possession is established.


Employee’s Final Benefits and Rights:

Include information regarding how benefits, compensations, and other complementarities will be affected once the employer’s contract ends.


Legal Agreements:

Employees sign some agreements when they are hired, like the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Remind the employee of the agreement through the letter. Keep a copy to yourself as well.


End with a Good Note:

End your termination letter, not with apologies of dismissal, but with best wishes for the employee for his future endeavors.



No matter how experienced you are, writing a termination letter can be tricky. But doing it the right way can save you a lot of emotional and legal hassle in the future. HireBeat is an interview platform that helps you find the best candidate and saves your time.

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