Four Tips to Build a Successful Campus Recruiting Strategy



When businesses need to fill talent gaps, the go-to option is recruiting on campus. Getting fresh talents from college enables organizations to guarantee the future of their business activities. The move also raises the credibility of the firm as a potential employer. To ensure that you get the best candidates from a campus setup, there is a need to adopt fresh strategies. Here are tips for recruitment on campus.


Be appealing to younger candidates.

To get more college graduates to view your business as a potential employer, you need to be appealing to them. The most significant portion of the workforce consists of 21 and 36.

These young candidates seek employment opportunities that are pretty different from what most organizations provide. Most of them believe that the opportunities that suit them are on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

To find them, recruiters need to utilize the power of these platforms to screen the large pool of candidates and find relevant ones.


Creating long-standing relationships

Recruiting is more of a long-term activity. If companies want college recruiting to work for them, they have to establish good relationships with the career services department, professors, members of the placement center, and even student organizations. Many career-oriented students join groups to get them connected to employment opportunities. By combining multiple recruitment methods, employers can assess the interest levels, skills, and initiative of potential employees.


Put more effort than your competitors.

Some applicants might never approach the career center in their university. By organizing a forum where you meet and mentor students, you can connect with them at an advanced level. This approach may take the form of mock interviews, career fairs, job shadows, and invitations to business premises for a quick tour.

During the job fairs, it would help to have a few key employees from your company speak to the students. When applicants get an inner look into what working in your company entails, they will likely become interested in working for you.


Focus less on their GPA

It is common for employers to consider candidates with a higher GPA because they are thought to learn faster and have higher chances of succeeding at work.

But this criteria is not as foolproof as it is thought to be. According to recent findings, test scores and GPA have no significant impact on how an applicant will perform when hired.

Organizations need to hire campus talent to increase their scope. The long-term relationships that we discussed earlier can help you determine who is suitable for your organization.



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