Employer Branding vs. Recruitment Marketing


Employer branding and recruitment marketing are two terms that are used relatively interchangeably by many people, although there is a clear distinction between the two. Effectively the difference between these two terms is that the former is related to the internal branding concerning its employees. At the same time, recruitment marketing is associated with the external image that the firm produces to potential employees and the general public.

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Employer Branding

Employer branding is essentially an internal term that relates to the inner perception of a company that its employees hold. This perspective can vary in its degree of positivity to the company, and it is essentially a reflection of how the company is perceived amongst its employees. The purpose of employer branding is to present your company in the most desirable terms to your employees and demonstrate that your company is a desirable recruiter for new employees. Therefore, the biggest question that you need to ask concerning your employer branding is to consider what position your company needs to currently fill as well as those shortly, what are the qualities of an ideal candidate for those positions, and what are the sort of values and policies that make your company a good employer for those candidates that you wish to acquire or retain.


Recruitment Marketing

In contrast with employer branding, recruitment marketing serves an entirely external purpose: to showcase your company as a desirable possible recruiter for new candidates. There are many different aspects to recruitment management, but essentially, at its core, it is about promoting your company as a good place for new people to want to work at. Therefore, it is entirely related to the external promotion. It primarily consists of using social media, the internet, and other online resources to spread your reputation as a good company. The essential purpose of any recruitment marketing campaign is to provide the correct message to the right demographic about the company’s values and benefits. Recruitment marketing, therefore, primarily involves taking advantage of external media sources and attempting to appeal to a wide array of people who have desirable traits such as relevant academic qualifications or professional qualifications.


How do Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Affect the Recruitment Process?

These terms are very similar as they relate to developing a compelling image and brand for a company. Hence, they can be emphasized in a recruitment process by a firm that expresses its values and maintains a coherent vision internally and externally. Effective employer branding will provide the company with a solid internal coherence image. At the same time, recruitment marketing shall deliver a reliable and consistent appearance to external entities of the firm’s desirable nature as a place of employment. Therefore, when potential candidates encounter the company, they will first be attracted to the firm via recruitment marketing. Upon discovering its employer branding, they will be fully convinced of the benefits of recruitment within this company.


Final Words

A good company will need to conduct both recruitment marketing and employer branding if it wishes to obtain the best possible human resources for itself. HireBeat is an HR platform that helps you find the best candidates in the most efficient way.

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