Product Roadmap

The future is bright! We are constantly improving HireBeat to make your life easier. We’ll continue to update this page and look forward to your ideas!

Team and Collaborator Permission Level Management

Talent Pool and Employee Referral

HRIS Integration

Interview Scheduling Automation

Improved Analytics and Reporting

Enhanced Email Candidate function

✔ New Templates
✔ Variables
◯ Custom templates

More Job Advertising Partners

to give you more options and exposure.
✔ Programatic Job Advertising
✔ Job Site Marketplace

Improved and Smoother Onboarding Process

Your comments and feedback are very important to us. If you have any requests for features and functions, please let us know. You are welcome to submit the request here.

Changelog and Updates:

April 2022 Updates

  1. To protect personal information, we are allowing users to request to delete their account and all data
  2. New on-demand sourcing feature is launched to help fill in your pipeline quickly with quality candidates. User can make a sourcing order by filling in a request form, receive a list 50 qualified prospects with their full profile and contact info within 24 hours, send bulk email to invite prospects to apply to your opening.
  3. Minor bug fix and UI/UX improvements

March 2022 Updates

New Features:

  1. Add new Analytics
  2. Add redemption in settings for promotion codes
  3. Add Email message system
  4. Employer users can also apply to jobs
  5. Screening Questions are now included in ZipRecruiter Easy Apply workflow
  6. Help Tab updated


  • Clean up job xml
  • Premium job posting bug
  • Session Timeout problem
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