High Volume Hiring Made Easy

HireBeat quickly eases the burden of handling multiple positions and high-volume recruitment.



Juggling and switching among several platforms or job boards with unconsolidated candidate information and broken tracking.

Manual & Repetitive Work

Low efficiency in recording candidate profiles, emailing back and forth to schedule even initial screening interviews, and repeatedly sending update emails.

Large Screening Volume

Overwhelming number of initial applicants without a standardized and productive way to identify the best matching ones.

Inefficient Team Collaboration

Time-consuming to collect individual feedback, schedule interview time, discuss and make group decisions.


Centralized All-In-One Platform

With HireBeat, you can complete all the recruiting activities from sourcing to screening, and from interview to decision-making, without switching to other platforms.

All candidate data is aggregated and organized in our standardized pipeline, giving you a nice and neat overview of where you are at in the current hiring process. With one platform, you will find it easy to focus and move quickly, even in the busiest hiring season.

Automate the Process to Free up Recruiters

With one click, HireBeat will automatically post your open position to over 200 job boards – no need to manage multiple accounts and repeat the same process over and over again. We also make it easy to contact, process, and evaluate multiple candidates with bulk action to save you clicks.

Our built-in one-way video interview allows you to interview hundreds of candidates at the same time. Avoid the headache of scheduling and Let the software do the work while you can focus on the most important part of recruiting – the talent.

Efficient Screening

Worn out in the screening process? No worries. HireBeat can expedite the candidate screening process while improving candidate quality.

Our automatic application screening can filter out the candidates who do not meet your specific requirements. Hirebeat’s unique AI-driven applicant assessments provide a job match score to facilitate your decision-making. Of course, you can also customize desired candidate qualities to give bonus points on the job fit score.

Easier Team Collaboration

Enable your team to evaluate candidates and collaborate from anywhere, anytime, all in one platform.

We made it easy to invite colleagues, assign reviewers, and track evaluations. Scores, notes, and recommendations from all your hiring team are aggregated to help you make better and more informed hiring decisions.

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