Fall 2022 Updates



  1. Improve general UX, including solving a white screen issue and session timeout bug that caused some users to see a white screen after logging in.
  2. Add email preference setting so that each user can select which system activities they want to be notified about. This includes turning on and off the following email notifications:
    1. New Application Received
    2. New Video Interview Submitted
    3. New Reviewer Comment
  3. Revamp HireBeat Job Board search engine and UI, including enhancements to our integration with Google Jobs and general search engine optimization to help your open jobs be found.
  4. Optimize sourcing engine and bug fix. This improves the process of requesting a sourced list of potential candidates for your open job.



  1. Add code snippets to allow users easily embed dynamic job posting list to their career page.
  2. Display Candidate Source so recruiters know where applicants are coming from (e.g. ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, etc.). This is still limited but we are continuously improving. Currently sources that are not integrated with our system display “HireBeat” as the source. We are exploring ways to get you more information.



  1. Minor Bug fixes
  2. Implemented fraud detection mechanisms to combat the growing challenge of fraudulent job postings that is happening across the industry. This includes new algorithms at the sign up and the job posting stages.

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