The Ultimate Collaborative Hiring Strategy

You’ve created a requisition in your applicant tracking system (ATS) and job board, and the applications start rolling in. Now what? It’s time to start the collaborative hiring process! There are four main steps in collaborative hiring: sourcing; screening; interviewing; and extending an offer. if you’re active in the talent acquisition space, you’ll be aware […]

5 ATS Benefits for Campus Recruiting

As technology advances, HR professionals have had to reconsider the way they recruit students and recent graduates from colleges or universities. You’re not alone in trying to hire young and well-educated talent. Recent students are less expensive to employ than seasoned professionals and are ready to learn how your company works. While many students and […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking System

Suppose we look back to old times when computers were not popular or slowly became more common in offices, schools, and homes; life was a lot different. Then, quite often, it would take longer to get some tasks done, which we can do in a matter of minutes now. Let’s take the example of the […]

4 Challenges Campus Recruiters Could Face

Campus recruitment directly employs students and recent graduates from a college or university. Companies are spending vast amounts of money, resources, travel, and setup costs to capture the new generation of top talent. Every company wants to attract top talent, leading to fierce competition. But attracting the top talent while dealing with competitors isn’t the […]

Three Steps to Fix Your Broken Talent Acquisition Process

The talent acquisition process is an integral part of any company, and it’s the job of the HR department to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Unfortunately, when a company has a broken talent acquisition process, it loses money. This blog post shares three steps you can take to fix your damaged and complex […]

What’s Broken in the Talent Acquisition Process

The Nashville County Institute of Labor says 34 percent of employees quit their first year, costing U.S. businesses $536 billion a year. In the tech industry, the turnover is even higher. Coders may repeatedly tell employers that they are not looking for another job, but statistics show they tend to jump on a boat. The […]

8 Ways to Automate Recruiting Processes

Have you ever questioned how to automate your company’s hiring process? Today, most recruitment is still accomplished using traditional methods such as posting job advertisements on job boards, hiring people we know personally, and hiring based on recommendations or ideal candidates. While these methods can produce good results and help businesses find suitable candidates, they […]

What Is Resume Screening and Why Does it Matter

The pandemic has accelerated the demand for top talent among employers. And this led to broader marketing of a job role. But more marketing attracts even more applicants, and it simply means inviting unqualified talent too. The employer has to set up an efficient model to shortlist a few suitable fits out of the total […]

8 Tips to Increase Resume Screening Effectiveness

If we ask you how you will screen the qualified candidates out of the total number of candidates who applied for your ideal role, the first method that will come to mind will be resume screening. Now that you have posted your job description on job posting sites like Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, etc., you must […]

Employer Branding vs. Recruitment Marketing

Employer branding and recruitment marketing are two terms that are used relatively interchangeably by many people, although there is a clear distinction between the two. Effectively the difference between these two terms is that the former is related to the internal branding concerning its employees. At the same time, recruitment marketing is associated with the […]

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