How Does Recruiting Software Work?

HR professional using Recruiting Software

Recruiting software has been around for decades, but it’s only recently that it’s become mainstream. It’s now used by many companies in different industries, and it’s helping recruiters save time and money. The Importance of Automation. There are two main reasons why recruiting software is so effective: automation and efficiency. First, automation allows recruiters to […]

Post a Job on Indeed: Free and Paid Options

HR Manager posting on Indeed Job Posting Tutorial

The Indeed website is available in over 60 countries. That means over 250 million job seekers are searching for new positions monthly. It is one of the most popular and effective job search platforms on the web, helping countless employers and candidates connect daily. Indeed’s comprehensive search engine offers many benefits to employers. They can […]

How To: Post a Job on LinkedIn Free and Paid

Three professionals walking to job interview

LinkedIn is an online platform that allows professionals to connect with other professionals worldwide. It can be an excellent tool for finding new employees or promoting your business. In order to make the most of LinkedIn, you need to know how to use it correctly. This blog post will discuss how to post a job […]

A Guide to Resume Screening for Recruiters

As a business owner or startup founder, you need the right people on your team to grow your company and set it up for long-term success. Finding the best candidates for the job can be time-consuming and stressful, though, especially when you have a giant stack of resumes on your desk or dozens of files […]

Talent Sourcing Strategies to Find Job Candidates

Talent Sourcing Candidate Panel

A strong talent sourcing strategy is critical to driving growth and strengthening a company’s culture. However, acquiring the right talent can be challenging. As most organizations focus on creating a fully remote or hybrid work setting, the talent pool has gone from local to, in some cases, global in just a few short years. While […]

April 2022 Updates

To protect personal information, we are allowing users to request to delete their account and all data New on-demand sourcing feature is launched to help fill in your pipeline quickly with quality candidates. User can make a sourcing order by filling in a request form, receive a list 50 qualified prospects with their full profile […]

Programmatic Job Advertising: The Secret Weapon of Growing Startups

programmatic job advertising header image

Most recruitment is carried out through job postings on various platforms in the hopes of finding the right candidate. Gone are the old ways of playing the game of chance in recruiting new employees. Running a business is a serious job and finding the perfect team member is a serious (and often daunting) task. This […]

Start-Up Hiring and Recruitment Trends To Expect In 2022

2022 Start-up Hiring Trends

There’s no secret – it’s a competitive market out there for companies looking to hire top talent. Companies of all sizes are looking for new ways to make themselves stand out from a sea of workplaces. While trying to build a competitive team, many start-ups have adapted their hiring and recruiting practices to better support […]

Mistakes Have Been Made: Hiring at Startups and Small Businesses

startup mistakes to avoid

When it comes to hiring in the small business world, there are a lot of things you have to pay attention to. From crafting the perfect job description and attracting the right candidates to running job interviews and negotiating salary and benefits, there are a lot of steps to follow. Making mistakes in the hiring […]

Back to Basics: Build a Better Job Description

building blocks

When it comes to hiring new employees, there are few things as important as creating job descriptions. Whether you’re hiring for entry-level seasonal help or are trying to fill a senior leadership position, taking the time to craft a detailed, effective job description can help you attract the right candidates, ensuring that you have plenty […]