5 ATS Benefits for Campus Recruiting


As technology advances, HR professionals have had to reconsider the way they recruit students and recent graduates from colleges or universities. You’re not alone in trying to hire young and well-educated talent. Recent students are less expensive to employ than seasoned professionals and are ready to learn how your company works. While many students and alumni seek positions through campus recruiting programs, businesses struggle with sorting through job applications to hire candidates with the right skills and talents. For all of its benefits, campus recruiting can be time-consuming. This is where a plan and an applicant tracking system (ATS) can help companies the most.

1. Build a talent pool from all of the students you meet on campus

The volume of candidates you encounter during a campus recruitment campaign can be daunting, but each one has the potential to help your business. That’s why it’s critical to store all of their details and progress through your hiring pipeline. The majority of applicants who don’t get the job now might be who you need in the future. Storing candidate information, whether in HireBeat or another Applicant Tracking System, will give you a head start when you recruit for future job openings.

2. An Organized and Efficient Hiring Pipeline

A good ATS will give you a single place to collect and manage all of the applications for your open positions. We find that having one place to store and review all candidates and their applications is one of the biggest game-changers for employers. This is especially true when meetings dozens or hundreds of potential candidates during your campus recruiting efforts.

Collecting applications is just the first step of your hiring pipeline. A good ATS will simplify your workflows with clear stages and tools to keep the process moving efficiently. Features to look for include storing notes, easily moving candidate stages, communicating with candidates and colleagues, and automation that saves time for hiring managers.

3. Evaluate candidates

Sort through candidates and job applications more effectively with ATS features that evaluate resumes, disqualify candidates who don’t meet minimum requirements, and give candidates a chance to present their best selves. As candidates progress through the hiring process you will want your team members to evaluate applicants. An ATS like HireBeat will make it easy to invite your colleagues to review, interview, and submit their evaluations.

4. Track your hiring progress

Ultimately, your recruiting efforts, on- and off-campus, are aimed at filling open roles in your company. An ATS will help you step back from the “trees” and see the forest. Look for the ability to see, at a glance, the number of candidates at each stage for each job, how long you have been working to fill each role, and where you are seeing the greatest success or biggest opportunities for improvement.

5. Shorten the time to hire

Dramatically reduce the time required to pre-screen applications, schedule and conduct screening phone calls, and interview candidates with the right hiring tools. Fill your open roles faster with the high-quality talent you need to grow your business.

Having an applicant tracking system can change the game for your campus recruiting efforts. When choosing an ATS, look for a tool that makes your life easier and your work more effective. Steer clear of unnecessary features and software that is hard to learn or manage. Look for a hiring tool that is easy to set up and saves you time.

HireBeat gives small businesses the latest HR Talent Acquisition technologies but is easier than a Google Form. Unlike other applicant tracking systems, HireBeat takes minutes to implement instead of months. Get a free ATS trial or get in touch to learn more.

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